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Then click YES so we can show you how (and more.)

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How can I get started with my decluttering...

even if I tried for years and read every book about it?

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Living in the moment, eradicating procrastination, and not putting myself last!

I love the work you do. We need more education on this subject but I'm learning and understanding more thanks to you!  



So we built a system around...

How can I get started with my decluttering...
even if I tried for years and read every book about it?

We helped hundreds of people, personally, to declutter and reorganize their home and their family to have an amazing life.


The clutter became overwhelming for me. I didn't know where to start. I have been working on myself with a therapist but needed something else to help me get organized. 

I am happy to say it's been a month since I've taken this course and I'm working my way through letting go. 


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We normally offer programs and coaching to support clients and people who need to declutter right now with an urgent matter -- threatening their family life, threatening the way they live, to keep their location.

And in this book, we compacted power information that have really worked for many, many people that have put in the time to study the "decluttering principles." 

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  • +130 Pages Decluttering: How Can I Get Started eBook
  • Decluttering: How Can I Get Started Audiobook
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25 years of experience combined in decluttering and organizing professionally

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 Dave L. - Funnel Coach for Clickfunnels' 
2CCX Program 
Purchased Conversion Domination MASTERCLASS

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  • Access To Everything You Need To Start
    • +130 Pages Decluttering: How Can I Get Started eBook
    • Decluttering: How Can I Get Started Audiobook
    • Best Strategies and Tools
    • Clear Action Steps
    • Decluttering: Checklists

$197 Total Value

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This can be for anyone who wants to organize and improve their life. It is very complete. Thank you both. 



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Start taking action, eradicate the overwhelmed and take control of your space...

Couple of years later, we had a great revelation when this one wise person told us... 


For 10 years we've been trying every books, and programs we could find, every trick our parents and our friends are telling us how to declutter.

At one point, we did get rid of 
so many boxes and bags and garbage bags – donated, did garage sales and we were so proud and happy we made it. 🥳

Four months after, we had an unexpected family visiting and then we realized we were running around, trying to hide stuff. Again and again.

We ended up squeezing every inch as possible in the bedrooms, the storage room and one of the bathrooms – lock the door tape the door just said it was in renovation so we made sure our guests wouldn't think we were hoarders. 

Then we ask what do you mean? 🤔

Well, the person said, when you got new stuff, you're all happy about it and you pride yourself on telling everyone: “Hey, I got this new thing this new gadget, this new furniture." 

You create endorphin and the good hormones on having something new. But not thinking through the quantity or the redundancy or the usefulness in the big picture. You condition yourself to buy more ...

However, if you change the way you do things, if you get satisfied and happy once you did not purchase for a long time, you will see it will change everything.

“you know you will never get rid of all your stuff until you finally change the way you're doing things and change the way you behave with all your belongings.” 

And people ask them “Are you the same person what's going on?”

Changing the personal code

Reprogramming the mind of people that live in clutter and lack focus in overwhelming situations and overstressed situations

Reconstructing their life so that a year after applying the method and having their discipline in place, they don't even recognize their life

We see a lot of people saying they want to get rid of the clutter. They want to get rid of all that stuff in their house, in their life, in their family... 

        but it's not going through... 

It destroys families, marriages and many don't realize that clutter brings its own cost, including its own financial costs.

Many times the clutter reduces the ability to clean up and reduces the ability to find what we need to buy again and at the end of the day. 

It costs a lot of time and a lot of money, but mostly the stress and the pain on the entire family and yourself and never feeling good. 😔

I remember when we first went to an apartment. 

We collected all the items of a full household to make sure we added everything. Then we had a visitor coming. 

It was well-organized but very packed at that point. And that close friend visitor that we trusted said “wow, you look like an established person that has been there for years."

And you know what it did? It just encouraged us to do it again. 💪

Get more and more and not counting the companies and media that will influence the purchase behavior that will show us what we want to see, what we would like to have, and what we've been wandering around. 

You've been programmed to be that way. 

In addition, the trauma or any stress or focus, or tension will influence the clutter or the purchase behavior. 💸

It's never good enough because it doesn't get any better. 

And at this point, you're probably wondering. "How can I get ahead and finally solve all that?"

Let me tell you that it's not your fault.

We are satisfied and encouraged to buy stuff. All the environment is giving incentives on buying and accumulating adding a lot of material. 


Best Seller Author

Best Seller Author

Many times, we see the situation escalating to a higher and higher level so remember, it's not your fault. 

Now if you have the right sequence of events, the right instruction, the right tools to reprogram this to give you a new way of doing it, a new way to declutter, to stay decluttered, to start organizing and removing that tension and pressure, it can work! 💪

We have assembled the basic knowledge you need to know to start that process...

With the method properly applied, we often see people shift some behavior within a week. 

Seven days where small change after small change after small change shifts the clutter and accumulation into decluttering and stops this cycle.

For people that use the system, we see changes within a few months where it's very different and so relieving.  😌

How to start?

What should be my code or my personal rules

What should I do next?

How can I get disciplined at doing it and keep it that way? 

Where to start?

Imagine how you would feel being away from home for a week or two weeks. You have a good time, you've been to great places. 

And now you're going back home and this time you feel so at peace, so calm because you know you're getting back to your optimal lifestyle. 

We learned from the best in the industry and apply the best practices and transform the program

A simple formula to get started

A simple step to create discipline and decluttering personal code to really get through that decluttering based on research science and a lot of experiences.

 Dave L. - Funnel Coach for Clickfunnels' 
2CCX Program 
Purchased Conversion Domination MASTERCLASS

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There are just enough things in the house so you can do what you want and what you need. But not too much. 

The surfaces are free and clean. All your books, your magazines, and your newspaper are kept to the minimum of what you like and really want to go back to read. 

Your kitchen is just well organized and super easy to use. The countertop is free finally and you have a great dining table and your bedroom is just ready to welcome you to have a good sleep. 

Are you at peace? 

How much energy do you feel just thinking about that? 

In case of lack of focus, overwhelm, or stress, you get...

  • A checklist of common items of steps to declutter

Learn How to Start Decluttering 

With Our "Get Started" Bundle

And as a bonus, you get...

  • Access to the Facebook group community to help inspire and motivate your decluttering.

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you get the Decluttering: How Can I Get Started bundle, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches, or hoops to jump through.

We're confident that you'll find the bundle useful, and we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss.


From the Authors of the Best-Seller...

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Challenged Disorganization Specialist

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