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"If you are embarrassed by your home, worry no more as we are here to help you "

Valerie Huard
Head Decluttering Coach

Proven Strategies. Amazing Results!

If you are disappointed with your home, worry no more as you are about to discover how to: Get Results in 5 days!


Every single small step is important. Don't underestimate the power of the compound effect...

Valerie Huard - Head Decluttering Coach

How to get the perfect home... 


I am Valerie the Head Decluttering Coach at DO Well.

I am from Kingston, in the south east of Ontario, Canada and have been in the health industry for over 15 years and a decluttering coach for eight years.

I have not always been tidy, in fact I had so much clutter that I cannot move my family at some point. Then I discover the power of decluttering. From then I immediately caught the passion and have been decluttering and organizing since.

Flash forward a few years.... and a lot of courses and qualifications later...  and I am here to help you on your decluttering journey. 

As a decluttering coach nothing motivates me more than getting results, there is no better feeling than helping someone achieve something they have worked hard for and sharing the experience.

And you can be next...  

Nothing gets my respect more than someone who is willing to work hard for a personal goal.  They will always get my respect and inspire me to keep pushing them...  I hope this will be you!

Let's do this together...

Join the decluttering challenge.

If you're serious about getting results, want an awesome home and don't want to be embarrassed any more...  join the challenge!!!

Ready To transform Your Home...

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Wave Goodbye to Clutter:
5-Day Decluttering Challenge with Valerie Huard's Expertise

Easy-to-Follow Daily Tasks: We get it – life is busy. That's why our challenge breaks down decluttering into super simple steps. No more feeling overwhelmed – just easy tasks that fit right into your day.

Supportive Community: You're not alone on this journey. Join others who are taking the challenge and share your progress, tips, and even a few 'before and after' pics! Let's cheer each other on! 🙌

Rediscover Your Treasures: As you declutter, you'll uncover things you forgot you had! It's like your own little treasure hunt. 💎🕵️‍♀️

Start Fresh: Imagine starting each day in a clean, organized space. No more searching for your keys or your favorite mug. It's the small things that make a big difference!

So, are you up for the challenge? Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a brighter, clutter-free future.

Click the button below to join the challenge now! 👇👇

What's in it for You?

🌟 Ready for a fresh start? Your home deserves to shine without all the extra stuff.